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Wellness Exams


So much more than a check up!

Not only do we do physical exams, but we also offer a variety of consultations! Here's what we do:

  • ​Pet heath, behavior, and dietary consultations

  • Video ear exams

  • Heartworm testing

  • Complete lab services

  • Allergy testing

Dog Outside

Senior Pet Care

We enjoy taking care of older pets. It is one of the things we enjoy most. Older pets have special needs and concerns and we like to address them all. Older pets can suffer from arthritis, back problems, kidney problems, heart problems and cognitive issues (senility). We want take time to address them all. We want to take care of these valuable members of your family who have been your faithful companions for years.

Kitty Scratch

Puppy/Kitten Care

Getting puppies started off right is critical to getting things headed in the right direction, from potty training, and the right diet, to proper vaccinations and parasite control. We love our time getting to know you and your new puppy and starting your puppy’s health care off right.

All kittens are cute, there is no doubt about that! We want to make sure your new kitten starts off life with the appropriate vaccinations and parasite control as well as choosing the proper diet. Litter box training and scratching behaviors are important to instill as soon as possible. With the right cat box and appropriate scratch designated furniture, you'll be setting your kitten up for success! 

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